Race Promotions

Race Chattanooga is the premier racing resource for the Chattanooga Area. We attract a very targeted audience that is committed to racing in the great city. Let us help you drive registration to your event with one of the below packages.

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Featured Race

The featured race is a cost effective option for getting a race ad at the top of Race Chattanooga's home page. Your race logo/image will appear as a featured event with a link to your race site or registration link.

  • Race Logo (300 pixels) on home page
  • 2 Featured Race Posts on Twitter
  • 1 Featured Race Post on Instagram

Race Banner

The Race Banner is a large ad on the Race Chattanooga home page that can be responsively sized to fit the whole width of the site. Race Banners give you the ability to use your race logo but also include more marketing content in the ad. Feel free to use your own design or let Race Chattanooga custom design one for you

  • Large Race Banner Image/Content on Home Page
  • 6 Featured Race Posts on Twitter
  • 2 Featured Race Posts on Instagram. 
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Landing Page

The Landing Page Ad is a custom page that all visitors will hit before entering racechattanooga.com. The landing page will be a custom page designed to match the branding and messaging of your event with links and calls to action of your choice.

  • Custom designed landing page before entering racechattanooga.com
  • Featured Ad spot included (300 pixels) on home page
  • 6 Featured Race Posts on Twitter
  • 2 Featured Race Posts on Instagram